Isang Bagsak! Soft Enamel Pin

Isang Bagsak! Soft Enamel Pin


My very first enamel pin is here!

Measurements: 27mm by 40mm

Backings: silver butterfly clutch

Background and Inspiration

"Isang Bagsak!" has its roots grounded in the Philippines in a movement that called for democracy that led to the end of Martial Law and the Marcos dictatorship; the yelled-out phrase would be proceeded by a loud, unified clap or stomp.

“Isang Bagsak!” has more familiar roots that stems from the Pilipinx and Latinx farm workers during the United Farm Workers Movement in 1960s, where it was preceded with the picketing farm workers clapping slowly into a crescendo, where a person would yell "Isang Bagsak!" and everyone would do a loud, unified clap.

I believe that we are vessels to honor the shoulders of giants on which we stand on, giants of those who came before us, and to shake and move this earth to pave the way for the generations that will come after us. Wearing this is a small, but powerful way to do both!

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