Meet Sharnae.

Q: Preferred name to go by?

A: My full first name is Sharnae Lyn, but I personally prefer Shar simply because it’s easier to say and easier to spell (kinda).

Q: What is your major and year?

A: My major is Education, specifically Elementary Education, and I am a third year college student.

Q: What do you want to learn from Momo?

A: Momo may have hired me as her media person, but I look up to her as a mentor of leadership. As current President of the same organization she was once Vice President of,  I want to learn how to be a better leader and how to keep personal matters and business matters separate.

Q: What do you think you can teach Momo?

A: I feel like there is nothing that I can teach Momo except to always remember to take care of herself. Self care is best care, Momo. Remember that!

Q: What do you expect from Momo?

A: I expect mutual treatment. I’m a firm believer of “Do unto others as you want others to unto you”. I also expect to have the time of my life getting to work with someone who just really wants to see me grow as an individual!

Q: What do you think you can contribute other than your position?

A: Friendship. Despite all the chaos this position may bring, I am always a friend at the end of the day. If you need to laugh, or to cry, or someone to share fries with, that will be me!

Q: What are your personal wishes for 2019?

A: This year, I hope for growth in not only myself, but also those around me. That my friends succeed in all they do, and know that I believe in their capabilities while also supporting their dreams.

Q: What are things that you want people to know about you?

A: I was born and raised on the island of Guam so California was a huge leap for me. I moved here on a whim and I have loved it ever since! Also, I enjoy challenging myself. Whether it be academically or generally, I seem to find myself in sticky situations… But I love it!